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Parents: Apple Fritter x Peanut Butter Breath                        


Morphology:  Tall to medium-sized plants with large inflorescence. Low leaf-to-bract ratio. Some phenos will stack bracts towards the end of flower but all phenos express dense inflorescence.               

Aroma:  Stanky fresh. Like baby poo mixed with cucumber juice or rotten meat and fresh cut grass. Slight notes of perfume. Some phenos will also have a funky nutty aroma like earthy peanut butter.


More Info:

ultiple phenos were selected to create these seeds with each expressing a deep red color around week 3 of flower - even the males. These seeds are highly sought after in the current market and you can't find them anywhere else for close to this price. Enjoy! 


Sour Apple Butter R1

  • Seeds are sold as souvenirs or for the preservation of DNA. DO NOT handle seeds without understanding local laws. 

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