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Sour Apple Butter R1

$30 full pack

10 regular seeds


Multiple phenos were selected to create these seeds with each expressing a deep red color around week 3 of flower - even the males. These seeds are highly sought after in the current market and you can't find them anywhere else for close to this price. Enjoy! 

More Info:

Parents                         Apple Fritter x Peanut Butter Breath

Morphology                 Medium-tall plants that have low                                          leaf-to-bract ratios with large                                                clusters of inflorescence. Some                                            phenos will be great at stacking on                                      the weight with heavy trichome                                            production being consistent in                                              most phenotypes.                                

Aroma                          Stanky fresh. Like baby poo mixed                                      with cucumber juice or rotten meat                                      and fresh cut grass. Slight notes of                                      perfume. Some phenos will also                                            have a funky nutty aroma like                                                earthy peanut butter.  

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