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Conservation by preservation, diversifying genes through gene flow mechanisms, and simply keeping around variants that we like are the primary goals of Achene Seeds. Our mission is to use our unique access to desirable genetics to provide collectors with Seeds they would not otherwise be able to collect. We also understand the threat of heavy law enforcement against hemp on a global scale. Seed collection is a foundational way of keeping plants from going extinct. Even governments do it!

At Achene Seeds we do the hard work and deliver you the data so that you know exactly what comes in every seed. The proof is in the pictures - not two strain names and a picture of a mylar pack!

All seeds are sold as hemp seeds as defined by the DEA and lab-tested under 0.01% THC.
You must be 21 years or over to donate any products from our site and you agree to the terms in our disclaimer when you check out.

For individuals in the United States, Achene Collections and its affiliates provide “souvenir seeds,” or “collectibles” otherwise known as hemp seeds, that are negligible in THC and are legal in most states and countries to possess. Our souvenir seeds may be used for collection, for food, or for genetic preservation purposes. We do not condone illegal acts with our products!
Currently, we are unable to provide international shipping.
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