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Starfox 1 R1

$20 half pack - $40 full pack

3-6 femized seeds


Apple Fritter (potency and yield) and Sundae Driver (intense terpene aroma) have come together and made something truly special. Obnoxious aroma. Great yield. Tight inflorescence. It's my go-to strain if I want some heavy nasty funk. It's Sundae Driver terpiness with great yield. 

A limited amount will be released to the public for increased preservation but the rest is being hunted for that stanky stank.

The name comes from the tendency for this cross to “foxtail” or stack bracts right at the end of flower. Both parents expressed this morphology, which adds a lot of character to the structure. Starfox was one of my favorite N64 games back in the day too so, Starfox 1!

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Apple Fritter x Sundae Driver



Tall to medium-sized plants with large inflorescence. Low leaf-to-bract ratio. Some phenos will stack bracts towards the end of flower but all phenos express dense inflorescence.


Screaming. The Sundae Driver has insane terps and it’s great to see this cross has adopted those genes. Just crazy loud and stanky.

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