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Parents: QOTS F2 x QOTS F2                        


Morphology:  Tall to medium-sized plants with large inflorescence. Low leaf-to-bract ratio. Some phenos will stack bracts towards the end of flower but all phenos express dense inflorescence.               

Aroma:  Two different phenotypes:

1. Cherry gas

2. Skunk


More Info:

Queen of the South F3 is a highly sought-after variety that usually comes with a hefty price tag but not anymore! For a limited amount of time I will be sharing these seeds for a fraction of the market price because open-sourced preservation is one of our main goals.


These plants will express early deep-red pigmentation around week 3 for both male and female plants. Absolutely beautiful genetics that is sure to impress family and friends.


The name comes from the tendency for this cross to “foxtail” or stack bracts right at the end of flower. Both parents expressed this morphology, which adds a lot of character to the structure. Starfox was one of my favorite N64 games back in the day too so, Starfox 1! 


Queen of the South F3

  • Seeds are sold as souvenirs or for the preservation of DNA. DO NOT handle seeds without understanding local laws. 

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