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Parents: Apple Fritter x Sundae Driver                         


Morphology:  Tall to medium-sized plants with large inflorescence. Low leaf-to-bract ratio. Some phenos will stack bracts towards the end of flower but all phenos express dense inflorescence.               

Aroma:  Screaming. The Sundae Driver has insane terps and it’s great to see this cross has adopted those genes. Just crazy loud and stanky.


More Info:

Apple Fritter (potency and yield) and Sundae Driver (intense terpene aroma) have come together and made something truly special. Obnoxious aroma. Great yield. Tight inflorescence. It's my go-to strain if I want some heavy nasty funk. It's Sundae Driver terpiness with great yield. ​


A limited amount will be released to the public for increased preservation but the rest is being hunted for that stanky stank.​


The name comes from the tendency for this cross to “foxtail” or stack bracts right at the end of flower. Both parents expressed this morphology, which adds a lot of character to the structure. Starfox was one of my favorite N64 games back in the day too so, Starfox 1! 


Starfox 1 R1

  • Seeds are sold as souvenirs or for the preservation of DNA. DO NOT handle seeds without understanding local laws. 

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